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Assess & Plan

We assess current trends, similar content and define an objective

We also determine length of content, required elements, effects and resources



Each element requires extra work or to be purchased from a 3rd party provider and as a result will affect the cost of the project.





Assessment Notes

The type of video style that we chose determines the project path, techniques and software

  • If we chose a voice over and animated text:
    • We will use the most efficient solution for this
    • The project starts with either a script or voice over
  • If we required animate icons then we have to follow a different path


for basic projects many of these are provided by the client.

We will design and put together as per brief.


Content - Client

The client would provide all/most of the elements for the video.


Intermediate includes a few more elements and some strategic or tactical feedback.

The client would


Advanced is more strategic or tactical we and requires multiple elements services . It can include research, specialised script writing, voice overs

We will have a discussion and look at other ideas. online.We will describe what we will create and want to achieve

example: We will create a 15sec advert that is a mix between the post and an ad, It will feature product highlights. The voice over will be precipitated and supplied by the client or AI.


Copy Text & Content

Wriiten content or script for video

Voice over

Voice recording is required

Background Music and Sound

Voice recording is required

Footage and Images & Video recording

Selfie video recording

  • Stock Video Footage Purchase/Source

Custom Graphics Icons & Illustrations

We might be required to create custom graphic, icons or illustrations to enhance the quality of the content

Video Eiting Process

The process of editing and putting the content together. This may requirre multiple appllications to get the job done

Discussions, & Revisions