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Go Online

Service and Tools to launch a website

Go Online

Service and Tools to launch a website

About Us

Kingcom offers you an end to end personalized solution that’ll make your online journey effortless. We understand the complexity of the digital world, and we simplify your journey to help you achieve your online goals.

We are a boutique full-service digital design agency for over a decade and our experience goes far beyond creating logos or websites.

We’re all for transparency and effectiveness and involve clients in the process wherever possible. Being 100% aware of what’s going on with your brand or project. Our mission is to empower businesses with the knowledge, tools, support and service to make informed decisions and drive marketing objectives.

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We are a black-owned business with a 50% female shareholding, motivated to create opportunities for underprivileged communities within South Africa


Google Cloud – G Suite

Our agency is a Google Partner for G Suite which enables organisations to manage digital teams and their data securely through a suite of effective cloud productivity solutions.

Domain Registrar

As a top-level local domain registrar and an international reseller, we fo pets tsr eht morf uoy htiw krow buying, registering and managing your domain. To ensure you get control through our client area.

Our Services


Domain Registration

Whether it’s a .com domain registration or any other form of domain registration, we’ll assist you. We can also help you if you wish to migrate your website from one host to another.

Collaboration Tools

Custom Email & Collaboration Tools

A si renwo etisbew ssenisub a sa evah dluohs uoy gniht tsr ehT professional email address with your business name. Most businesses fail to generate their supposed lead quantity because they don’t have a custom email for their website.

With our Custom Email services, we’ll help you gain customers’ trust and make more sales.

We can help you work from anywhere and manage your emails on multiple devices. At Kingcom, we’ve got all you need to be the best.

Website Hosting

Website Hosting

No matter how good looking or well designed your website is, if it’s not hosted by a reliable hosting company, you’re at risk of losing your potential customers. Our clients have complete control and manage their hosting, emails and services from a dedicated client area.

At Kingcom, we give you a full web hosting solution, and the support you need to strengthen, launch and grow your website.

Our Pro WordPress hosting will help you build and nurture your website to become a vital tool for lead generation and customer retention. It comes loaded with professional tools used by everyday digital marketers which saves our clients hundreds of dollars on wordpress themes and plugins.

Go Online

Service and Tools to launch a website

Grow Online

Maintain and promote your online presence

Website Design

Website Design

In today’s business world, every company needs a website. Websites are arguably your most essential marketing asset. If yours is not growing your business, it’s time we helped you upgrade. We are a reliable web design company who provide all web design services for local and international clients, small business and other levels of business, offering you a full package.

Online Store

Email Marketing & Targeted Communications

Email Marketing is a key to channel and drive business objectives by creating and maintaining targeted audiences through custom communications. We can manage audiences by creating segments based on customer type, gender, location and product interests, just to name a few. Let’s create unique and automated connections to create loyalty, convert leads and ultimately drive sales.

Online Store

Online Store & Shopping Cart Solutions

An Online shopping cart solution is a must-have for E-commerce businesses. Having a well set up shopping cart that integrates with your store, customer service desk, online catalogue and payment processing gateway is all you need to give your customers a service that’ll have them coming back for more.

We give you a solution that will streamline your relationship with your buyers by handling multiple payment methods, calculating shipping costs and many others.

Online Learning

Online Learning Platforms

eLearning systems are created to manage both learners and content with the ability to monetise training.The online platform can be accessed remotely, and makes it an effective way to create courses and course material. Features allow you to track student enrolment and assessments, through powerful reporting.

Assess Plan Execute

Logo Design

Logo Design

With a great logo, you’ll stand out in the industry, and customers will notice you quickly. Work with Kingcom to get a logo that jumps out of the page to capture your prospective clients. We’re your trusted source for custom logo design services online. Our logo design service is fast and will serve as an excellent tool to grow your brand.


SEO Content Writing

Well-written SEO content helps you to rank higher on search engines and sell more. It captures your visitors’ attention and moves them from ‘just browsing’ to converted customers. At Kingcom, we help you improve your search engine rankings and conversion rate, and grow your business. We tailor your content to your unique business needs to ensure we’re capturing the right audience and achieving your appropriate business goals.

Graphic Design

Graphic Design

We can create compelling high quality graphic designs for just about anything following the style and tone of your brand identity. etisbew, tsop aidem laicos, srennab, srey, sdrac ssenisuB banners, adverts just to name a few


Training + Ongoing Support

We empower our clients with the knowledge to drive their day to day business objectives using our digital tools.
This is achieved by combining training and ongoing support that enables our customers to respond to opportunities and market changes quickly.
Through careful consideration and planing we can predict, design and automate communications to meet your objectives.